UCM Conference Series

UCM stands for Uncertainty in Computer Models. A number of UCM web pages were established as a result of additional funding being awarded to the MUCM project group, part of which funding was to enable MUCM to provide a focus and services for the wider community of people active in this field. We were also building on the successful UCM2010 and UCM2012 conferences, which brought together many people with interests in computer model uncertainties. The UCM pages were originally accessed through the MUCM Project website, but have now been built on and incorporated into the MUCM Community website.


Our community is now called MUCM, altthough we had previously called it UCM, to distinguish it from the MUCM project, hence the UCM Conference Series. Through the MUCM Community and its Steering Group, we have continued the UCM conference series with UCM 2014 being held in July 2014 and there are definite plans for an UCM 2016.


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Past Conferences



The Uncertainty in Computer Models 2010 Conference took place at Kenwood Hall, Sheffield in July 2010.


Key Note speakers included:

Prof Derek Bingham : SFU, Canada
Dr Cari Kaufmann : Berkeley, USA
Dr James Murphy : MET Office, UK
Dr Jeremy Oakley : University of Sheffield, UK
Dr Olivier Roustant : St Etienne, France
Prof Darren Wilkinson : Newcastle University, UK





The Uncertainty in Computer Models 2012 Conference also took place at Kenwood Hall, Sheffield, but in July 2012.


Key Note speakers included:


Nigel Fox : NPL (National Physical Laboratory)

Omar Ghattas : The University of Texas at Austin

David Ginsbourger : University of Bern

Grant Reinman : Pratt & Whitney

Jonty Rougier : University of Bristol

David Steinberg : Tel Aviv University

Brian Williams : Los Alamos National Laboratory






The Uncertainty in Computer Models 2014 Conference took place at the University of Sheffield, in July 2014.



Key Note speakers included:


Clément Chevalier (University of Bern, Switzerland)

Serge Guillas (University College London, UK)

Lindsay Lee (University of Leeds, UK)

Clémentine Prieur (Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble, France)

Elaine Spiller (Marquette University, USA)

Andrew Stuart (University of Warwick, UK)