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EPSRC Engaging Maths Brochure

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is the UK’s main funding agency for engineering and the physical sciences, investing more than £600 million a year in the research and training which provides the basic knowledge that underpins future technological advances. The Mathematical Sciences Programme plays a crucial role in sustaining the UK’s capacity to develop novel mathematical and statistical methodologies. This brochure outlines the programme and explains how mathematical sciences play a direct and fundamental role in all our lives.

Brochure PDF


Simple Conjugate Emulator: Theory and Programming

This is a self-contained document that gives the statistical theory and the programming for a Normal Inverse Gamma emulator of a stochastic process (e.g., a complex function, a spatio-temporal field). It includes code for the statistical computing environment R (R Development Core Team, 2004), embedded using the noweb tool for literate programming (Ramsey, 1994). This code includes adaptations for large problems, and several examples.

PDF of submitted paper , R Code and Resulting Picture